Establishment of the School

The school was founded in September 1981 and named Leung Shing Tak School of the New Territories Women and Children Welfare Association. It is a standard government-funded primary school.


Founded in September 1981, the school was named Leung Shing Tak Primary School of the New Territories Women and Juveniles Welfare Association. It is a government-subsidised primary school.



With the aim of actively promoting the training of students’ morality, academic work and activities, “loyalty, piety, diligence” is the school motto, and “student-oriented, never give up” as the belief, and strive to make students “do their best and give full play to their strengths” “To achieve whole-person development.



To achieve whole person development, we actively promote the training of our students’ moral character, academics and school activities. We are guided by our school motto of “Loyalty, Respect, Diligence and Sincerity” and our belief that “For our students, we persevere,” and we encourage our students to put forth their best efforts to ignite their talents.