In September 1981, the NTWJWA Leung Sing Tak Primary School was founded, with Ms. Leung Sing Tak, MBE, BBS, JP, as its supervisor. A 20-class Morning School was opened in September and an Afternoon School was added in November. In June 2008, the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of the School was formally established.
In September 2010, the School introduced Whole-day Primary Schooling. In September 2014, Mrs. Boyton Evelyn took over as the supervisor. In June 2018, Mrs. Wong Kwan Po Chu Alice took over as the supervisor. From September 2019 to the present, Mrs. Choi Lee Christina Maisenne, JP, has taken over as the school supervisor.

For more than 40 years, our school has been providing quality primary education to the Tai Po District in accordance with the founding spirit of Ms. Leung Sing Tak, MBE, BBS, JP.