Incorporated Management Committee(IMC)

The Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of the NTWJWA Leung Sing Tak

Primary School was established on June 30, 2008. The current IMC members are as follows:

School Supervisor/Chairperson of IMC

Ms. Lee Christina Maisenne, JP

Sponsoring Body Manager

Ms. Ho Oi Ling

Ms. Lok Yean Ting Karen
Dr. Kam Shau Wan Sanly, BBS, MH
Mr. Ho Chi Kuen
Ms. Yeung Yin Kuen


Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager


Principal (Ex-Officio Manager)

Dr. Chan Ka Wai

Independent Manager

Ms. Poon Ka Suen Victoria

Alumni Manager

Mr. Kwan Siu Kin

Alternate Parent Manager

Ms. Chui Mei Yi

Teacher Manager
Alternate Teacher Manager

Mr. Chu Po Chi
Ms. Leung Lei Ngan