The Principal’s Words

Time flies, the pandemic has passed, and everything has returned to normal. As we step into the year 2024, I have been the sixth principal of this school for two and a half years since my transfer from a Direct Subsidy Scheme school. My understanding of the school has deepened, and I am very fond of everything at our school, including its beautiful campus, cooperative colleagues, supportive parents, and the attentive students.

After all, having been a principal for over twenty years, I am very familiar with the operation of schools. Moreover, with three capable and ambitious vice-principals and eight diligent and aspiring head teachers, every aspect of the school is well-established. All fifty teachers in the school are committed to pursuing excellence and continuous improvement, with the goal of fulfilling their duties as educators and helping every child succeed.

New Territories Women & Juveniles Welfare Association (NTWJWA) is a charity organization that keeps pace with the times. All six of its early childhood education units are well-received by parents. Recently, the government has shown favor by allocating a brand-new kindergarten in the Anderson Road area, which proves that the association’s school management and leadership abilities are widely recognized.

The educational philosophy of our school is “to cultivate learning through virtues”, believing in the principle that “Ethics takes precedence in the way of learning”. If the students have good character, they will be motivated to do well and “be the best version of themselves,” inspiring self-motivation, perseverance, and continuous self-improvement. Both academic achievements and moral development will surely advance day by day.

The school places great importance on curriculum development and teaching methods, aiming to “educate all and educate according to each student’s abilities.” We respect the uniqueness of every child, including their talents, interests, and family background. Teachers will devote themselves to teaching, guiding each according to their academic abilities, progressively and with patience.

The school values the students’ sense of happiness. The Chief Happiness Officer is a unique position at our school, dedicated to considering the well-being of the students and actively planning a variety of colorful activities for recesses, lunchtime, after school, and long holidays, all carefully arranged.

The school has already had a 42-year history. There are some experienced teachers as well as a group of young and promising new talents. With the collaborative efforts of all generations, we will keep pace with the times and cultivate good children for the 21st century.