Sponsoring body

Our school’s sponsoring body is the New Territories Women & Juveniles Welfare Association (NTWJWA). Founded by Ms. Leung Sing-tak, MBE, BBS, JP, the NTWJWA is a charitable organisation that has always endeavoured to serve the community with family at its core. Armed with the passion to improve the status and welfare of the elderly, women and children during the postwar era, Ms. Leung set out to organise and promote cultural and recreational activities, subsidise education for underprivileged children, and provide family mediation. In 1967, Ms. Leung formally registered the New Territories Women and Juveniles Welfare Association as a non-profit limited company. With the mission of “Rooted in Family, Built on Virtue”, to extend our care of the family to our community, jointly building a harmonious and inclusive society.


The NTWJWA currently provides early childhood and primary education services, in addition to the NTWJWA Leung Sing Tak Primary School, including:

NTWJWA Christian Remembrance of Grace Primary School

NTWJWA Cheung Fat Nursery School

NTWJWA Fanling Nursery School

NTWJWA Pok Hong Nursery School

NTWJWA Sheung Shui Nursery School

NTWJWA Yuen Long Nursery School

Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong Leung Sing Tak Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten


The NTWJWA also serve the elderly through Pak U Neighbourhood Elderly Centre in Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, which provides daycare services for the elderly and community care services for senior citizens.