Interactive Storytelling Class

In the Interactive Storytelling Class, books related to value education were read to the students, with weekly morals aimed at fostering self-awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Post-reading activities like script memorization, role-play competitions, phonics games, vocabulary games and lesson reflections were used to improve students’ motivation, on-stage presentation skills, teamwork and confidence. Final awards such as ‘Best Actor Award’, ‘Most Creative Award’ and ‘Best Performance Award’ were presented to all of the participants as incentives and encouragement.


在互動式英語說故事課上,導師向學生朗讀與價值觀教育相關的書籍,旨在培養學生的自我意識、人際關係技巧和負責任的決策能力。 透過背誦劇本、角色扮演比賽、拼讀遊戲、拼字遊戲、課堂反思等活動,提升學生的積極性、台上演講技巧及團隊合作精神。 年終頒發的各類獎項,如「最佳男、女演員獎」、「最具創意獎」、「最佳表演獎」等,能激勵學生積極參與及提升其自信心。
上課時間: 逢星期四  10:30 – 12:15 p.m.
上課地點: 圖書館
負責老師: 徐加藤老師